Dream Machine - Exhibition

Upcoming solo exhibition at MAF Gallery from 16th - 30th of September, as part of the 2016 Manly Art Festival.

Opening night is Friday 16th of September 6:30pm - 9pm | MAF Gallery - 3 Market Lane, Manly.

Its free entry. There'll be refreshments, tunes and good times. Come say g'day!

The concept behind Dream Machine was to create super colourful visuals that depict the purity of joy, the bliss found in the simplest of moments, hope for the future, gratitude for today and to pursue our hearts desire. When our hearts speak, we must listen. This exhibition showcases a selection of photographic image blends that encapsulate joy, bliss, hope and gratitude and hopefully allows the respective viewers to feel the good vibes!

For more information on what's happening during the Manly Art Festival click through to http://www.manly.nsw.gov.au/attractions/gallery/manly-arts-festival-2016/

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