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Enjoy Your Journey!

December 2, 2016



Hoo! Every single one of us is a beautiful, ever evolving, work of art. A unique and colourful culmination of our past experiences, adventures, achievements and circumstances.


It's standard these days to be constantly striving for something bigger & better, to know the price of everything & the value of nothing. Many of us don't stop to think twice about following a herd instinct and marching to the beat of unchallenged societal norms.  


It's become an all too common conversation with friends, acquaintances and strangers alike, no matter where we are or at what stage we are in life, we are asked "Where next?" "When will you have this?" or "When will you achieve that?"


If we are single, people are asking if we have met that someone special.  If we are in a couple for longer than a few months, people are asking when are the wedding bells ringing.  If we are married, people are asking when are you having kids.  If you live in a van and home is where you park it, people ask when will you get some bricks and mortar.  If you own a property, people ask when you'll be upsizing.  We are never content with our lot.  We are constantly striving for something bigger and better, we are so goal focused that we miss out on the joy of living.

Yet if we stop striving and truly savour this moment, we'll realise everything is perfect as it is, we are perfect as we are, and we are right where we are meant to be.


Don't worry about what your friends, family or society might think if you don't have a uni degree, aren't married, don't own a home, don't have that white picket fence or have a surplus of funds accruing interest in a bank account.  It's up to us to challenge the status quo, pave our own path, do our own thing, listen to our heart and follow our intuition.  We might stumble along the way but we'll be better people for it.  Life's about experiences, adventures and the people we meet and not about attaining more and more things, countless material possessions or meeting limitless expectations.


Remember to take some time out from each day, sit quietly with yourself, sit out in nature and just be.  Appreciate the beautiful simplicity of these moments. Learn to value the journey, learn to appreciate everything and everyone around us at this time rather than solely focusing on achieving that goal.  Don't get me wrong, it's healthy to set ourselves goals and work bloody hard to achieve them, but it's all about staying beautifully unique, running our own race, having fun and appreciating the amazing and colourful journey along the way.  


Have a lovely day mates!



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