a beautiful morning :: book release

About mid way through last year I was approached by American author, Ashley Ellington Brown. Ashley was in the process of writing a book. The book titled, A Beautiful Morning, explores the positive effect a morning ritual can have on our overall wellbeing and happiness.

At the time Ashley was interviewing women from all over the world, asking them about their own practices and how it improves their quality of life. There were authors, poets, artists, life coaches, yoga teachers and marathon runners, & somehow I was lucky enough to be among these women.

A daily practice (exactly what that practice is, is up to the individual) can provide space for clarity and inspiration, refresh and restore you, enhance your relationships, empower you to be your best self, and enable you to steer your life with purpose toward a clear vision of what you want.

Funnily enough, the cover of the book is a result of a morning ritual I have practiced daily for years, photographing the sunrise over the ocean. The photograph was shot at Dee Why Beach in Sydney a couple of years ago, at a time when I was trying to manage and alleviate ongoing anxiety. To be able to share my experience and be a part of this amazing story is an absolute honour. Thank you, Ashley.

A Beautiful Morning was released on Amazon this week. For more details, or to purchase a copy, visit https://abeautifulmorningbook.com

Enjoy mates!

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