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November 2, 2018

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While You Were Sleeping

April 27, 2018



2:10 am. That was the first time on the clock I saw today, not ideal I know, but a beautiful time of day nonetheless. After 20 minutes of laying with my little peepers wide open, staring into the dark and listening to my dog snore, I thought "Is it too early for coffee? It wasn't.  It's now 1 strong coffee later and 7:20am yet it has a midday feel.  


The early morning, for me, is my favourite time to create, like a blank canvas for creativity to flow upon. The energy is so neutral, calm and peaceful, the perfect space to allow thoughts & feelings to rise to the surface and be quietly acknowledged.  This morning was no exception and resulted in some kind of philosophical exploration of values, virtues and morals and a re-work of a picture that looks like something I should have been dreaming of while I slept soundly (like most people at 2:30am).   


By sharing the image (above) and thoughts (below) I hope the reader may be able to relate them back to their own life and circumstances, and perhaps think a little different or take something positive from them. Enjoy mates.


1. Go after the things that we want and never get in the way of somebody else getting what they want. We rise by lifting others


2. Take accountability for our own actions :: Always. We can often be quick to take credit for good work or results, but true nobility of character is being able to admit and learn from our mistakes and stumbles too.


3. Take care of each other :: Look out for the people around us. Friends, family, colleagues & strangers alike. Know when to ask for help and also learn to accept it. So often we shy away from accepting help for concern of burdening another, or we may not offer help because a person appears to have it all under control. We live to give, but it’s equally as important for our own wellbeing to know when to receive.


4. Listen first, speak last :: Ask questions to better understand what people may mean, why do they have the opinion they have? Understand from where people are speaking before casting initial judgement on the “what” they are saying. It can be so easy for us to quickly judge another without properly hearing a person out. We may not always agree with what we hear, but we have a choice in how we will respond.


5. Humility always :: As we may be fortunate enough to advance through life and gain fortune, fame, status or positions of power, people may begin to treat us differently. We may receive gifts, awards, compliments or attention that wasn’t ever received before. However, none of that is meant for us, it’s meant for the position we now hold, it’s meant for the title we now call ourselves, it’s meant for the fortune we’ve obtained or the fame that was bestowed upon us. We can be grateful for these things we may receive but remember that none of those things define us, we are not those material things or concepts. When those things go, and they will, what will you be judged on then? Humility always.


6. And finally, integrity is everything :: We’ll be faced by people, situations and events of moral or ethical question on an almost daily basis throughout our adult lives, both personal and professional. Our moral compass, our personal values and how we behave (actions speak louder than words) define us. Never compromise who we are for the potentially questionable actions of others.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading mates. I hope at the very least that it may have made you smile. Enjooooy your day!







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