2019 Hollytree Photo has landed!

G'day Mates! After a brief calendar hiatus in 2018, the Hollytree Photo calendar is back for 2019 brighter than ever (maybe not brighter than ever but it's colourful!).

Lots of good vibes and colourful creations to adorn your wall all year. These calendars are created with the sole intention and purpose of giving back to the community. Every cent of proceeds is going to be donated to Barnardos Australia.

Barnardos Australia do incredible work with disadvantaged kids, provides much needed support to parents that need a helping hand and facilitates foster care and adoption within Australia.

If you'd like a colourful, meaningful and socially conscious collection of images on your wall for 2019, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. Thank you, mates!

*Calendars are $25 each or $23 for two or more

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