A Simple Meditation

“Sitting in meditation, is not, as it is often supposed, a spiritual exercise, a practice followed for some ulterior object.

From a Buddhist standpoint, it is simply the proper way to sit, and it seems perfectly natural to remain sitting so long as there is nothing else to be done, and so long as one is not consumed by nervous agitation. To the restless temperament of the West, sitting meditation may seem to be an unpleasant discipline, because we do not seem to be able to sit, just to sit, without qualms of conscience, without feeling that we ought to be doing something very important to justify our existence.” - Alan Watts, The Way of Zen.

Try for yourself? Sit for 5 minutes, consciously observing the in breath and the out breath. Observe thoughts as they arise, notice when we lose focus of the in breath and out breath. Once we’ve noticed our distraction, simply acknowledge and come back to the breath. Repeat.

Happy Sunday, friends. Another beautiful day out there.

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