Imaginary Space Bubbles

A useful (and fun) exercise for conserving our energy and maintaining our wellbeing, This is a technique taught by therapists to anyone that may stand to benefit from creating some space around themselves in a bid to conserve their own energy; I think that may be all of us at one time or another?

The imaginary space bubble (developed by Dr David Geldard) requires that we imagine we are sitting inside a transparent space bubble that separates us from the outside energy and emotions of others. Great for all of us but can be particularly useful for empaths, introverts or the myriad helping professionals that encounter many people’s emotions and energy on a day to day basis - school teachers, nurses, social workers, public health workers, mental health workers, police officers etc etc

We are still able to observe and respond appropriately. While we’re in this magic and comfortable little bubble we can focus on breathing, relaxing, anchoring to the present moment and if we’re feeling adventurous, even imagine floating upwards from our body. We can imagine the space bubble to look and feel however we want. Perhaps it’s filled with warmth, sunshine, sunflowers and lucky little happy dancing lepricorns that protect our energy (a fun one to try in the next office meeting? People will never know the real reason Susan from marketing looked so happy in that last team meeting; as she sat in the corner of the meeting room blissfully floating in her imaginary space bubble of sunshine, rainbows and lepricorns)

May we take this fun (and effective) technique with us as we float merrily into the week ahead!

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